Sony XB30 Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Review

Bluetooth Speaker Sony SRS-XB30

In the family of Bluetooth-speakers from Sony there are several options differing in size and acoustic characteristics. In our review, the largest of them – the model SRS-XB30. In addition to a separate ability to dramatically improve the bass, the speakers have a customizable backlight that is installed around the speaker grille. Also look 12 best bluetooth speaker under $50 pradabidorso.

Bluetooth-speaker Sony SRS-XB30: king of parties

The SRS-XB30 wireless speaker is placed in a plastic case with rubberized inserts on the sides. All control buttons are located on the top edge. Among them is the management of tracks, power and the binding of other speakers of the series in an acoustic tandem. A separate button, you can activate the function “Extra bass”, which makes a column – a dice. With the same button, you can completely turn off the backlight. Light indicators complement the power buttons, activation of bass and the operation of the wireless module.

Traditionally, the column is very versatile in terms of connection. In addition to Bluetooth 4.2, you can use an audio cord, the input of which is under the cover behind. For a faster wireless connection to a sound source, you can use NFC. There, under the waterproof hatch, there is a column reset button and a USB port for charging other devices. By the way, the entire body of the device is isolated from water and dust ingress of IPX5.

The column supports the proprietary technology of Sony’s LDAC transmission. It allows you to broadcast audio at speeds up to 990 kbps with no loss of quality. Also provides greater compression and playback efficiency compared to Bluetooth. To use it, the source must also be a device with LDAC support.

Again, we are faced with the fact that the portable speaker is charged only from the power supply for 220V. It is not possible to use a pen-bank for charging. At the same time, the battery charge should be sufficient, according to the manufacturer’s assurances for 24 hours of operation. But in fact, with backlighting, autonomy remains at the level of 12-14 hours. Which is also very good.

Make additional settings and select the animation backlight can be using the company’s Music Center application. It also includes options for the source of the broadcast, for example, the use of already selected or new equalizer parameters. Under a separate section, all column settings are placed. Among them, the activation of the equalizer, the choice of power mode and the codec of Bluetooth. There are also 10 types of animation backlighting. Among them, not only the choice of colors and the type of pulsation, but also the inclusion of two diode stroboscopes located on the front.

The level of preparation of the device and the assembly are at a high level and correspond to the brand. However, the price in our opinion is overestimated, given the experience of comparison with the models of competitors. Light effects are good as an interesting decor.

The Sony SRS-XB30 column leaves positive emotions in terms of sound quality and saturation. A good level of bass, though sometimes it may be excessive, will definitely appeal to the public when used outdoors. For an open-air party, the amount of bass will be optimal. Use on the street near the pond is all the more possible, since there is protection from moisture.

Control using the buttons is convenient, in general, as with the application on the mobile device. Excessive structured menu, however, may not like everyone. The availability of an alternative to an analog audio connection is a plus for some situations, but the inability to recharge a column from an external battery is a significant omission.

Sony SRS-XB30

  • Speaker diameter: 1.89 “
  • Frequency range: 20 – 20,000 Hz
  • Connection: Bluetooth 4.2, 3.5 mm
  • Supported SBC / AAC / LDAC codecs
  • Protection: IPX5
  • Dimensions: 228x82x86 mm
  • Weight: 970 g

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