Showering gets smarter: Moen U – smart shower

smart shower moen-u

There are a million reasons why you want to stay in a warm bed. One of them – the need to get under a cold shower, because water does not always have time to warm up properly. And time is short, it is necessary to run great things. Undoubtedly, a cold shower will cheer up, but the mood will not exactly raise. However, with the new U from the developer Moen you can use your smartphone to pre-heat the water to the most optimal temperature by the time you need to get into the shower.
Convince the buyer that he needs one or another feature of the smart house – that’s another task for many developers. The very idea of ​​an intelligent soul who sends you notices that the water has been warmed up to the right temperature seems a bit excessive. But in Moen added other functions in U, thanks to which you spend a lot of money on an intelligent shower, not only because you are too lazy to adjust the temperature of the water in the morning. Well, if you decide to still save water, we recommend paying attention to the nozzle for the Nozzle crane from the Swedish company Altered.



You can set up the shower either through the control panel, or through a free application from the developer. The user can choose from 12 shower modes with different temperatures and water pressure. Even for a large family it will be convenient, because everyone can quickly choose the optimal regime and take a shower. Water will be so much saved without wasting away when trying to adjust temperature and head independently. And time is spent in the morning. While the water warms up itself, you can sleep a little longer. It should be noted that with smaratfonom under the stream of water does not get better, it can do him harm, to control directly under the shower is recommended to use a special panel. Well, if you still filled in your gadget, go to the ART-GSM website and you will be helped to pick up and replace the filled parts.


The temperature can be adjusted between 60 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The shower uses a very simple to understand color controller, through which it is easy to determine what is there with water. The system automatically puts the flow “on pause”, when the desired temperature is reached, which allows it to save. Also there is a timer function that limits the time that you are under the shower. This will also be useful for a large family, where in the morning everyone hurries to get into the shower.

The basic version will cost $ 1,160 , more advanced at $ 2,200 . But the price does not include the installation or additional shower heads. In order to start saving your time and water, you will first need to fork out.

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