Sony XB30 Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Review

In the family of Bluetooth-speakers from Sony there are several options differing in size and acoustic characteristics. In our review, the largest of them – the model SRS-XB30. In addition to a separate ability to dramatically improve the bass, the speakers have a customizable backlight that is installed around the speaker grille. Also look 12 best bluetooth speaker under $50 pradabidorso.

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Showering gets smarter: Moen U – smart shower

There are a million reasons why you want to stay in a warm bed. One of them – the need to get under a cold shower, because water does not always have time to warm up properly. And time is short, it is necessary to run great things. Undoubtedly, a cold shower will cheer up, but the mood will not exactly raise. However, with the new U from the developer Moen you can use your smartphone to pre-heat the water to the most optimal temperature by the time you need to get into the shower. Continue reading “Showering gets smarter: Moen U – smart shower”